Welcome to your Redwood Heights PTA.  We are so excited about continuing the fabulous programs, events and activities that have been a part of your child’s RHS experience.  We look forward to working with you as we figure out ways to make that experience even better for all members of the community this year.

We joined the PTA for the same reason you did, to work toward strengthening the academic, social, emotional and artistic lives of the children we love.

Last year, many of you sat with us in a meeting to help us discover what our priorities and dreams for our school were.   The room was filled with family, staff and community members giving their input to help us envision what the future of RHS elementary would be.  We ended the year with three key objectives that we have embraced as our plan to kick off this PTA year.

Those three objectives are now called our “Three-point plan of the PTA” to help guide us during this year.   It is to focus on:

  1. Family involvement and
  2. Fundraising  to
  3. Reduce the effects of increased class size

As you can see, these are not all that easy and we know that we need a lot of help to accomplish these goals for our school.   We want to personally invite you to think about ways you can support the PTA in this school-wide initiative.  If you are connected and active in the school community, we want to say Thank You!!! and hope you know how appreciated and valued your contributions mean to the school.  If you have not found a way to become more connected, we encourage you to chat with us and learn some of the ways your skills, talents, time and energy can help us with this big endeavor.  Connection is the key.  This is our invitation to you to join us. Together we can make our school a great place where every student thrives!


Bruce Stoffmacher, President  2015-16 PTA

Become a member today!

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Contact: Pam Genio-Bates · VP Membership

Why Become a Member?
The easiest way to support your child’s education is by joining the PTA and encouraging your family members to also become PTA members. Becoming a member means:

  • A voice! Attending PTA meetings gives you a chance to express concerns and present ideas. Plus we provide free childcare and kids eat free!
  • Opportunities to become involved and volunteer-we love your skills!
  • Meet and build relationships with your fellow parents.
  • Discounts throughout the year at the following locations:
    ○      Hertz Car Rentals for your next family vacation.
    ○      Staples for school supplies.
    ○      AARP memberships-grandparents are a critical role in our kid’s lives!
    ○      For more discounts visit http://www.pta.org/benefits

What does the PTA do?

The RHS PTA is an integral part of our school. Through the amazing fundraising efforts of the PTA, and more importantly, the school’s parents, we have been able to provide our children with:

  • Classroom blended learning programs such as Reading Horizons and ST Math.
  • New iPads for our students to use in the classrooms.
  • Year-round Academic Mentors to provide assistance to our wonderful teachers.
  • Increased safety-the PTA has provided to insure our children are safe in the event of natural disasters.
  • So much more!

Become a PTA member today!  Ask any current board member for more information about joining the RHS PTA.