Reflection Art 2013

The Reflections Arts Recognition Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students created and offered by the National PTA.  These  students  are the 2013 submission, artists, their work and statements.

IMG_4609Literature – 1000 word story

Artist: Nathan Gilbert, 5th Grade Mr Haubrich

Title:  How a Normal Kid Cured Himself of a Deadly Disease When a Doctor was Present

Artist Statement:  “My story is about a kid who has an idea, and he won’t change his mind about it, even when adults tell him to, because he believes in it.”



Maddie JagelsPhotography

Artist: Maddie Jagels, 5th Grade Ms Harris

Title: Autumn in Oakland

Artist Statement:  “Autumn to me inspires change.  The change not only in colors but, everything around us.”




Cole SPhotography

Artist:  Cole Stieglitz, K  Ms Weissman

Title:  “Sandcastle Dreaming” –  (need parent signature)

Artist Statement: “In this picture, it is like I am dreaming of a sandcastle.”



evie okumura ms kaserPhotography

Artist:  Evie Okumura, 1st Grade  Ms Kaser

Title: “Holden”

Artist Statement:   “Holden our cat, is dreaming of being a tiger roaming in the grass”



jack emley ms sanders


Artist:  Jack Emley, 3rd Grade  Ms Sanders

Title: “Pinnacles”

Artist Statement:  It’s 3-D. It has light, which makes it a good picture. Light makes me happy. The sky looks like it is nowhere – which is dreamy. There are a lot of mountains, which makes me feel like the Earth has more than I thought, the rocks appear to be closing in on you, but don’t.  It’s dreamy because there is no interference; it’s not in the city. People don’t talk and go in the middle of stuff. It’s quiet.”

Marissa DavisVisual Arts

Artist:  Marissa Davis, 2nd Grade  Mr. Abrahams

Title: “You Can Follow Your Dreams”

Artist Statement:   “My project is important to me.  It has clues of what you can be for future jobs.  You can be anything you want.  I worked very hard on it and I hope it inspires you to do what you dream of.”