Fundraising at RHS

Contact: Kelly Becker · Fundraising Coordinator

As the 2013-14 school year begins, we reflect on our school’s guiding principles:  “We take care of ourselves, we take care of others, we take care of our school”. We all work together to instill these principles in our students and parents continue to be critical partners in the care and support of our school.

On behalf of the Principal, the teachers and the PTA leaders, we invite you to make a gift to the Redwood Heights Children’s Education Fund. While Redwood Heights is a public elementary school, Oakland public schools continue to face significant financial challenges. To keep our school strong for all our children we ask every family to give as generously as possible each year.

As you consider your family’s philanthropic plans for the year, we hope that supporting Redwood Heights will be at the top of your list. Your donation is especially important right now – at the start of the school year – when it can make the biggest impact on the children’s experience. Your contribution is crucial to sustaining the invaluable programs and practices that make Redwood Heights such a wonderful place for your child to learn and grow, such as:

  • Academics
    • Mentors or teacher’s assistants to mitigate the effect of increased class size
    • Classroom materials and supplies
    • The Techbridge after school science program for girls
  • Enrichment
    • Programs like Library, Art, Garden, Music and Technology
    • Coloma overnight field trip for 4th grade students
  • Social/Emotional and Safety
  • The HUGS program to support emotional and socially struggling students–this service helps every classroom to be the most safe and productive place it can be.
  • A Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA) to share leadership duties, handle discipline and conflict resolution, and provide academic interventions
  • Cafetorium and yard supervision, which is a critical safety measure for both indoor eating and outdoor play activities during the lunch hour.

In other words, your contribution makes a huge impact at Redwood Heights.

The PTA has worked hard with school leaders and teachers to use our resources wisely and efficiently. We have thoughtful, targeted plans to keep the educational experience high for our students – a plan which requires that we raise more than $168,000 this year. For the benefit of our children, please help us surpass that goal by making your contribution today.  Please give as generously as you can* – whether you give at the requested minimum of $150 per student or the true cost to educate your child beyond state support, of $500. Whether you can allocate a gift of $10 or supplement a more needy family with a gift of $1,000, know that we are deeply grateful for your help taking care of our school.

 Download the donation form

*Gifts of all sizes to the Children’s Education Fund are tax-deductible – we thank you for your generosity! (RHS PTA Tax ID is 94-6173811)

Contact: Kelly Becker · Fundraising Coordinator