Children Education Fund

Donations made to the RHS Children’s Education Fund are crucial in sustaining the invaluable student programs and practices at Redwood Heights School.

This chart provides information about the various fundraising efforts which will take place this coming school year.  You can see how the “Children’s Education Fund” has a significant impact when it comes to making our annual PTA fundraising goal.

Fundraising chart

If you’ve already made your gift, we thank you!  If you didn’t receive our letter or would like to read it again you can download it here, as well as the accompanying donation form.  Donations may also be made online.  Please feel free to send the letter to grandparents, extended family or any one in your child’s life who may be able to contribute – every contribution makes a huge impact!  We are deeply grateful for your support in keeping our school strong and a wonderful place for our children.

*Gifts of all sizes to the Children’s Education Fund are tax-deductible – we thank you for your generosity! (RHS PTA Tax ID is 94-6173811)

Contact: Kelly Becker · Fundraising Coordinator