Harvest for Learning Auction


Everything you need to know about the Big Night!

November 4, 2017  |  5:30pm to 10pm  |  Joaquin Miller Community Center

The PTA’s biggest fundraiser, the Harvest for Learning Auction, is coming up on the evening of Saturday November 4th.

What’s It All About?

The Harvest for Learning Celebration, also just known as “the auction”, is an adult’s-only night out held each fall.  We’ve got the three D’s:  dinner, drinks, and for the adventurous … dancing!  The less adventurous can watch other people dance which is almost as much fun.  Click the following link to see the 2016 Harvest for Learning Auction video for sights from last year’s event.  Sadly, there are no pictures of the dancing.  ;)  And here’s a link to the 2016 Harvest for Learning Auction catalog, in case you want to get a sense for what we offered in the past.  

At the auction, you can sign up for the various parties that many people (largely parents and teachers) host to help raise money for the school.  Some are kids-only affairs, some are adults-only, and many are equal opportunity for all.  Those parties are ridiculous amounts of fun!  And they’re great opportunities to meet other parents, caregivers and just a lot of really cool people.  Many lasting friendships have been formed at these gatherings so don’t miss out!  

What’s the big deal?

The Celebration isn’t all about mischief and merriment, though there’s lots of both to be had.  It’s also critically important to the school’s success.  Last year, it generated over $73K, representing nearly 40% of the total revenue the PTA raised for the entire school year.  Some of the things it helped to pay for included:

  • Group Specialists that help in the classrooms
  • Art and Garden programs
  • HUGS (Helping Us Grow Stronger) to support social and emotional wellness
  • Replacing and updating the iPads, Chromebooks and other technology in classrooms
  • And much, much more!

What Do We Need?

Well basically, we need YOU!  This event is put on entirely by parent/caregiver volunteers and we need your help!  We’ve got lots of opportunities to pitch in, whether a little or a lot.  These include helping with the raffle, collecting donations prior to the event, and setting-up/breaking-down decorations on the day of the event, just to name a few. We also need people to hit up businesses to obtain the goods or services that we can auction off.  

To make a donation please complete one of the following forms or contact Claire Ibrahim at claire.ibrahim17@gmail.com.  

How do I make a donation to the auction?

Click to Download Merchant Donation Form

Click to Download Parent Donation Form

For more information or to throw your hat in the ring, please contact Darren Raveneau at dcrav17@gmail.com or sign up for the Auction Committee on Konstella. As the date approaches we will share updates on Konstella and on this site.  So stay tuned!