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Rally Call!

If you child’s school or babysitter calls in an emergency can they reach you?

With RallyCall you & designated close contacts can be reached live, with just one call.  RallyCall is an instant group phone call and alert system.  Your private, RallyCall number dials & connects your emergency contacts on the same phone call in less than 60 seconds!

You have a smartphone. RallyCall is like having a “smart number.” Your private RallyCall number dials all designated contacts at once and conferences them together. Or use it to send an instant group text.

  • Help your school, a caregiver or your child save critical time. One call reaches multiple contacts automatically!
  • Give your child one phone number to memorize to ensure they can talk live to a close contact in an emergency.
  • Make urgent decisions or plans with everyone on the line – avoid phone tag and miscommunication!

There are dozens of great uses for RallyCall and it’s easy to sign up. Go to

Visit today to try your own live demo, and see how it works!

RallyCall will donate $10 to the Redwood Heights School PTA for every annual subscription!

Feel more secure about urgent communication AND help RHS with an automatic 25% donation to the PTA for every$39 annual subscription. Simply select Redwood Heights Elementary School as your affiliate when you sign up.