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Enrichment News – Do you owe forms??

We are thrilled to house so many different enrichment opportunities at our school.  And though they provide a great value to our students, we are struggling to ensure that all of our programs are continually in compliance with all safety and procedural requirements. Sometimes this is because they don’t have all forms from parents – if you haven’t turned in any required forms or information, please do so ASAP! The PTA will continue to work with all of our great enrichment providers, and we want to assure parents that student safety is of utmost priority. However, if any of our partners are unable to come into compliance, it is possible that some may not be invited back next semester.

Please remember that you are in direct contract with your enrichment provider(s), the school is not liable for issues that arise – we are simply facilitating the process to help ensure everyone’s safety. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Phelps, PTA Enrichment Coordinator, at mmphelps1970@gmail.com.