How to Become a Volunteer

RHS needs your help! Whether it is in the classroom, at meetings and events or helping with distinct evening at-home projects, there are a variety of ways that you can help enhance your family’s time at Redwood Heights.  Contact volunteer coordinator, Avis Kowalewski, to let us know the skills and experience you have that you could share with the school (for example, fundraising and event planning experience, construction skills, or child development training)?

If you will be volunteering to work directly with children, you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete an online volunteer application and provide a negative TB test result to OUSD.
  2. Provide a negative TB test result to OUSD, and
  3. Attend a brief orientation meeting with Principal Cynthia Bagby Ellison
  4. [If planning to drive a field trip or work alone with children, you must also be fingerprinted.]

Volunteers that work with parent groups such as the PTA, Dad’s Club, and other Parent Committees (such as auction, garden, safety, library, technology, etc.) DO NOT need to complete a TB test.

Parents are asked to donate a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time per year.

RHS Parent and Caregiver Volunteers are critical to our school’s success. Parents and caregivers have many opportunities to be involved at RHS. Volunteer opportunities range from working in the classroom with individual children and small groups of students during instructional time to working on weekend construction and garden projects to preparing classroom materials at home. Parents and caregivers are also crucial to our field trip programs as each class goes on 5-10 field trips a year. There are also many opportunities to volunteer at social events (such as the carnival and ice cream social) and fundraising events (like the auction and walk-a-thon).

Specific volunteer opportunities include:

  • Volunteering in your child’s classroom, including motor shills (K only) and driving for field trips
  • Volunteering in other classrooms, including the special needs programs at Redwood Heights
  • Playground monitor during recess
  • Shelving books in the library and helping students pick books at their library time
  • Preparing classroom materials at home
  • Weekend work days in the school garden and grounds
  • Helping at morning band practice
  • Working on the committee for the fundraising auction in the fall
  • Working on the committee for the fundraising walkathon in the spring
  • Helping at Dad’s Club weekend events, such as the carnival and pancake breakfast

We also have a number of parent organizations that encourage parental involvement.

School Site Council
The School Site Council is the leadership body of the school responsible for ensuring that our students’ educational needs are met.  It is comprised of administration, faculty, parents and community members.  It is the central point of site-based management.
Parent Teacher Association
The PTA is an active organization for parents, guardians, teachers and community members providing leadership for many school activities: enrichment programs, recognition of students and teachers, fundraising and legislation involving education. We welcome your time, talents and your perspectives.
Dads’ Club
Open to any gender, the Dads’ Club was founded more that 50 years ago and provides direct support to the school by conducting construction improvements to the school facility, organizing activities and programs that enrich our childrens’ educational experiences.
Classroom parent volunteers
Classroom parent volunteers prepare classroom materials, coordinate special classroom activities, welcome new families, and are a vital part of our program.
Parent Committees
There are also several active parent committees such as Parents Advancing Childrens’ Achievement (PACA), the RHS Field Science and Garden ProgramLGBTQ Affinity Group, the Library Committee, the Disaster Preparedness/Crisis Response Committee, and the Technology Committee.